NY Bagel Scam – Nazim Lost $17,500

The NY Bagel Scam is advertised on Craig’s List and is run by two con artists named Dennis Mason (who uses fake names to hide his identity) and Joe or Joseph Smith.  If you send them money you can be assured that you will not get what they promised you and will turn ugly on you when you try to get a refund.  Nazim sent NY Bagel Cafe & Deli $17,500 two years ago and got nothing in return.

(NYBagelScam.Com)  My name is Nazim.

My wife and I are both United States citizens originally from Bangladesh.  We both have worked hard for many years and saved our money because we had the dream of one day owning our own business.

We never asked for anything to be handed to us.  We were not looking for a way to get rich quick.

I really just wanted to own a business in which I could work as hard as it took to please my customers and to succeed, and to achieve the American dream of owning my own business.

Also Called NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop

I saw an ad on Craig’s list for the NY Bagel franchise opportunity.

It said that they would provide everything I needed to finance and own my own successful NY Bagel Cafe & Deli.

All I had to do was sign the document they sent me, and send them a cashier’s check for $17,500 made out to SMS, Inc. dba NY Bagel Cafe.

They would provide the financing for everything else but that up-front fee.

Based on my application, they said I was pre-approved for financing.

And there was no risk because if by some chance I didn’t get financing or find a good location, they would give me my money back right away.

They would find us a site, design the store, provide the equipment and fixtures, and the food products and supplies on a regular basis.

They would train us and give us all the guidance we need to operate the business.

After we would get open we would just have to pay them $500 per month.

I spoke to Dennis Mason and emailed with him and it sounded too good to be true!

Unfortunately, the NY Bagel Cafe scam sounds to good to be true because it isn’t true.

NY Bagel Franchise Graveyard – How Many Have Closed?


NY Bagel Scam:  Do NOT Send Them Money.

After I sent them the cashier’s check for $17,500, everything changed.

They said that I had misunderstood about the financing… they would give me their list of lenders they work with all the time and it was my responsibility to get financing.

But still don’t worry, Dennis Mason said, I’ll still get a full refund if I run into any problems.  If I got turned down by three lenders they’d return my $17,500 no questions asked.

They gave me a list of “lenders” to contact.  A few who seemed to be in cahoots with them and the rest had never done any deals with any NY Bagel licensees.

The ones in cahoots actually just tried to get thousands and thousands more dollars out of me.  Their idea of financing was to sign me up for over $100K in high interest credit cards which they claimed were “no interest unsecured lines of credit.”  But they were credit cards and once the no-interest period was over the finance charged would hit like a freight train.

Despite Dennis Mason’s assurance that I was preapproved and financing would “not be a problem,” I was denied financing by four separate companies.

NY Bagel Scam Dennis Mason Lied

Despite promises by Dennis Mason (in writing, and in the signed agreement), he and Joe Smith refuse to refund my money.

Since I began requesting my money, I have learned that this has happened to many others.

I have also learned that the documents they gave me contain many lies and are illegal.

We have joined together to ask law enforcement to get our money back from Joe Smith, Dennis Mason & NY Bagel Cafe.

We are demanding that some law enforcement or regulatory agency please stop these predators from preying on other innocent entrepreneurs and their families.

Thank you!



NY Bagel Scam Victim’s Coalition

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