NY Bagel Cafe Scam Warning – Don’t Fall For It!

NY Bagel Cafe runs ads on Craig’s List promising that you can own your own bagel cafe franchise for a low upfront fee – and they will provide 100% financing for all expenses beyond the franchise fee of $19,500 (or sometimes $24,500, sometimes $29,500).

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it IS too good to be true.

NY Bagel Scam Warning from Victims Who Know

NY Bagel ScamThe NY Bagel Victim’s Coalition created this website for three reasons:

  1.  To unite victims of this blatant franchise scam, and to demand that law enforcement and politicians do their jobs, stop this blatant fraudulent and illegal operation.
  2. To urge and assist law enforcement and government agencies to force perpetrators Joseph Smith, Dennis Mason and their accomplice companies to return the fraudulently obtained funds to their victims.
  3. To educate and warn potential victims of this franchise scam so that they do not have to suffer the financial loss and personal turmoil that we have.

Franchise salesman Dennis K. Mason (who also uses a variety of fake names misspellings like Denis Mason, Denis Maason, Ken Mason, Keith Samuels, is VERY convincing.

NYC Bagel LogoIn our experience, he will charm you. Schmooze you. Make you wonderful offers. Lie to you.  Bully you. And possibly even threaten you to send him money.  Once you pay him, everything will change.  You’ll get pawned off on his accomplice businesses like Howard Fichman  and Benjamin & Benjamin who will work you over for more money.

Once you are fleeced (in our experience), they will get nasty and make up an excuse (usually that you lied on your application) to not refund your money.  You will most likely end up without your money, with no bagel store, and (if you let Fichman or others sign you up for multiple credit cards) with a ruined credit score.

Don’t Send Money to NY Bagel or NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop

Are considering sending money to Denis Mason or Joe Smith?  Please hold off until you’ve spoken to us first.  You can contact us confidentially at NYBagelFranchiseScam@gmail.com.

If you HAVE sent money to NY Bagel Cafe, Denis Mason or Joe Smith and you now want your money back, please contact the NY Bagel Victim’s Coalition confidentially at NYBagelFranchiseScam@gmail.com.

For more information on the NY Bagel Scam, visit the franchise information website UnhappyFranchisee.Com.

Spend some time reading the many posts, warnings and documents about Denis Mason, Joe Smith and NY Bagel.

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